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Das Leben ist eine Chance, nutze sie.
Das Leben ist schön, bewundere es.
Das Leben ist ein Traum, verwirkliche ihn.
Das Leben ist eine Herausforderung, nimm sie an.
Das Leben ist kostbar, geh sorgsam damit um.

Das Leben ist ein Reichtum, bewahre ihn.
Das Leben ist ein Rätsel, löse es.
Das Leben ist ein Lied, singe es.

Das Leben ist ein Abenteuer, wage es.
Das Leben ist Liebe, genieße sie.

                                                                   Mutter Theresa

Wenn ich auch nicht weiß,
wer du morgen sein wirst,
ja ich nicht einmal genau weiß,
wer du heute bist

ich hab dich gern,
so wie du bist
und bin entschlossen,
mit dir den Weg durch's Leben zu gehen.

                                          Johannes Brantschen

[Drabble] Round 4

Darkness. Everywhere.

Hello? Is anybody here?

No answer. The cold darkness is creeping up your spine. Shivers run through your body.

Hello?! Is anybody here?!

You sream as loud as you can, but there is nothing. No echo, no answer, nothing. You think you must be insane. Just a moment ago you're sitting next to your hyungs, listening to them talking, laughing, as you lean against the window, watching houses fly by, slowly drifting off to sleep. But what is this? Where have they gone to? Did they leave you behind? No. They never would!
Your body feels heavy, incredible heavy. You don't feel your body moving. It won't listen to you! Everything's pitch black around you.

"Wake up, please...wake up..."

Your imagining things. Did you hear someone talking just now? No. Someone whispered to you. But who? Wake up? But you are awake! Please say something! What do you mean!?! Your screams are left unanswered. Did someone hear them anyway? You feel like crying. Your entire body burns. Anybody!? Please! You know instinctively something is wrong, extremly wrong. But why is nobody answering you?!

"Please baby, wake up...everybody's waiting for you! Wake up!"

There it is again! Whispers turn to Pleads. You turn around. Hello? Where are you? I heard you! But who are you? Baby? No one calls me baby - wait - hyung?! Hyung is that you?! Only Eeteuk-Hyung would call you baby, since you are the magnae. But why is he calling? Eeteuk-Hyung, what's wrong? Please, I don't know where you are!!
You're screaming, crying and turn in around in that awful darkness. Your breaths short and unsteady, hasty!


Your eyes are blended from an incredible bright light. It hurts. Your body feels as heavy as before, your eyes are filled with stinging pain forcing you to close them. But you refuse to return to this cruel darkness. You force yourself to keep them open. Very slowly the pain subsides and you can make out a shape of - what is this? - a lamp? - right above you. Are you back? You still don't know where you are. Hyung! Now you remember. Eeteuk-Hyung had called you! You want to look around, but each move pains like thousand needles hitting your body. Now your eyes are slowly exploring your surroundings. Your breath stops for a second as you're surprised by someone sitting close to your left side.


You hear a persons whisper. Eeteuk-Hyung? But why is he crying?! Did something happen? Only then you feel someone holding and carressing your left hand and somthing wet dripping on your skin. Tears? Hyung? But why?
You want to talk but it hurts. Your throat hurts incredibly. Just then you realize somthing sticking to your mouth. Your breathings becomming unsteady. You're afraid. You desperately try to move. Pain. Everywhere. Tears glide down your cheeks. What's wrong with me!?! What happend? Hyung! You're sick of this feeling! You want it to stop!


Another voice? You're surprised and stop immediately in shock, eyes wide open. Someones standing near Eeteuk-Hyung, you just noticed. Kangin-Hyung? But why would he be here? Now you recognize other people surrounding you. You don't trust your eyes. Hyungs!?! They didn't left you! You feel reliefed and your body relaxes and you try to ignore the stinging pain which was worsened by your panikattack.
You use all of strength and try to move your right hand. How can your body feel so damned numb?! But you're determined and your trembling hand slowly begins to move and your arm motions to Eeteuk-Hyung, who is still sitting and crying, holding your hand. You touch Eeteuk softly. He is stratled and doesn't know whether to laugh or cry from happiness. It doesn't matter, he does both. And a warm feeling finally settles in the pit of your stomache. You're home.

[Drabble] Round 3


You kind of know you're lying on the floor. But why is it so cold? Your hand slides over the crooked surface. The street? Why would you lie on the street? Your whole body hurts. You cannot move - you try - but there is nothing but stinging burning pain throughout your body. You want to scream, but there are just tears running down your cheeks. Breathing is hard and pains. You feel like there's someone sitting on you. No words, no sounds leave your mouth.

*sirenes? But why?

Now it hits you like a slap in the face.
Hyungs!?! Where are you??!!
Just a moment ago you were leaning  against the window watching how trees and houses fly by, listening to your hyungs talking and nearly drifting off to sleep.


Shindong-Hyung? What's wrong? Did something happen to Eeteuk-Hyung?! You want to shout but your voice is stuck. There is just a husky, heavy, unstable breathing. You start to panik as you realize something is terribly wrong but you are unable to move, unable to make sure, unable to help.
Suddenly you feel a cold hand on your face, startling you, immediately calming you down.


Eunhyuk-Hyung, is that you?! You try to sit up, but stinging, excrutiating sharp pain immediately rushes through your entire body, a painful moan escapes your lips.

"Kyuhyun...shhhh...everythings gonna be alright...I can already hear the ambulances."

Ambulances?! What do you mean?! Your mind becomes hazy, fighting unconsciousness seeping in. Hyung! What happened? It's as if he can read your mind and your pained expression, so he tries to explain what happened. You feel his hand trembling against your skin.

"Kyuhyun, please try to stay calm and listen...I don't know how, but we somehow had an accident."

He holds your hand tightly as he notices your flinching. You try with all your might to continue listening to him.

"Everyone's fine so far. Eeteuk-Hyung has injuries, but he'll be fine too. We wait for the ambulances to take us to the hospital."

The last words you can only hear faintly as darkness surrounds your conciousness.

[Drabble] Round 2

As soon as the music stops and the lights turn off you walk off stage. The concert has ended. Everybody is euphoric. 3 hours of singing and dancing are over. Totally exhausted you all hand the microphones to a staff member as you walk downstairs to the dressing room. You're sweating and just want to get rid of your wet clothes and sit down. The hallway to the dressing room is chaotic. Staff, managers, reporters want to shake hands and congratulate to the sucessful concert or just talk about random things.
Finally all five of you reach the dressing room. As always you grab the bottle of water, handed to you by a staff member. You just grab it, without bothering to look who hands it to you. The door closes behind you. Jaejoong already stripped off his wet shirt grabbing a towel; Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin are euphoric and blabbering. It always needs some time for them to calm down and feel exhaustion take over. So you don't bother and start organizing your own things. But first of all you need water. Extremly thirsty you gulp down more than half of the bottle earlier handed to you in one go. Just as you finish you think, the water tastes kind of strange and turn to your manager.
"Hyung, the water tastes strange, did you change the brand or something?"
You're not really bothered, but manager-hyung immediately approaches you and wants to see the bottle. Only then you notice something strange sticking to the bottle. The manager takes a swiff of the liquid an immediately gives it to another manager.
"Take it and don't throw it away" he instructs. His agited voice makes you nervous and brings the attention of everybody in the dressing room to you.
"Hyung, is something wrong?" Jaejoong asked concerned, as all of your members approach you. Your manager ignores them and grabs your wrist so tight that it hurts.
"Follow me!"
You don't know what to make out of it all, want to ask what's wrong, but he just pulls you to the toilet attached to the dressing room. Suddenly you feel sick. Maybe its because of your nervousness as it then sinks in that there's something wrong. You're dizzy and just want to lay down as a panicking felling rushes over you. Your manager instructs you to throw up, but you don't have to try, it happens anyway.
Why are you feeling so sick?! Is it a combination of fear and whatever had been in this bottle? You know you must be extremly pale as you return to the dressing room, supported by your hyung, as you notice the concerned expressions on everybodys faces.
"Yunho-Hyung! What's wrong with you?" you hear the sared voices of your members.
"Get the car ready! We have to bring him to the hospital!" is the last thing you hear before you collapse and pass out.

Faintly you can hear voices. Who is it? Ah, there's Jaejoongie, oh Junsu too. Hey what's wrong? Why do you sound so sad?
"Hyung, what happened to Yunho-hyung? Was something in this bottle?" you hear Junsu asking quietly.
"I don't know Junsu, we have to wait till manager-hyung returns, maybe he knows something."
You know Jaejoong is on the verge of crying, you can hear it in his voice.
Slowly you open your eyes. You have to adjust to the brightness aound you. You try to move hand, which draws the attention to you.
"Yunho!" you hear in one chorus. Only then you notice, that each of your members is in the room, now surrounding you.
You try to talk, but your throat hurts and you feel extremely weak and sick, that you have to fight the urge of throwing up again. Your head hurts and you turn lying on your right side burying your faces partly into the cushion. You moan in pain and just want to hide yourself under the blanket. Then suddenly you feel a warm hand carressing your head and fingers sliding through your hair. The other hand entwines with your left hand hand that is not covered by the blanket, fingers sliding between your own. It feels so nice. You blink and see Jaejoong sitting beside you. You calm down and close your eyes as a long soft sigh escapes your lips. You can't see the worried faces of your members anymore and sink into a much needed sleep. But you feel the strength and support given to you.

[You don't know how long you've been sleeping, but you wake up at the sound of a door closing. Your manager entered, smiling slightly from the sight of everybody gathered around you.
"Hyung, what's wrong with Yunho? What happend? Was something in this bottle?" Jaejoong asked, his tone changing from worried to angry and you can feel his hand tighten around yours. You squeeze his hand and he slowly calms down, but still nervous as to news awainting them.
"Someone put glue in the bottle."
Shocked gasps are heard all around the room. Someone has poisened me? But Why?!

Three days had passed since the incident. The news were full of it. Guilt driven, the fanatic Anti-fan went to the police herself.

Yunho was finally feeling all better, He no longer had the urge to throw up. Only a slight headache still remained.
Although physically better the whole incident had a deep impact on his everyday life. He would only drink things given to him by his close friends or managers, always feeling insecure with foreign people.]



It has been a few weeks. Your wounds are far from being healed. But today is the day! The doctor had told you it would be ok going home, but you had to promise to keep it down the next days and even weeks. Your manager would take you back to the dorm. The others still had schedules to attend to.
Then, finally, half past 7 in the evening. You walk upto the elevator just behind the main entrance to your dorm. You are tired but glad and excited being home after all that has happend.You missed the chaos of the dorm, ypu  missed the others. But they probably won't be home till later in the evening.
As you open the door you are welcomed by the most beautiful sight. Each and everyone of your friends greets you with a loud HELLO! WELCOME BACK, HYUNG!
Startled you find yourself in the mittle of a big party as you come back to your senses. They are all talking and laughing with each other, drinking and eating. You sit comfortable on the couch watching over everything around you and you can't seem to hide some small laughs and snickers yourself as you are again confronted with the antics of some of the members. But still, there's something terribly missing and you know exactly what doesn't feel quite right when you notice the sadness ghosting over the others faces ever so often. You know they feel incomplete too, only masked by their happy exterior.
Your every magnae is still far from being released from the hospital. You sigh. Suddenly you feel tiredness kreeping through your body and you can hardly keep your eyes from falling shut.
"Hyung, are you alright? Do you want to go to bed?"
"Yeah Sungmin. I'm sorry, but I'm terribly tired."
Then there was a hand reaching out to you. You look up and see Kangin standing in front of you. You smile and take his hand, glad for his support. The both of you head to your shared room. You're terribly tired, and once inside you start to undress with the help of Kangin. You take of your shirt and reveal the large bandge protecting the wounds all over your back. Kangin is startled. Sure he knows of your injury very well, but he never saw. You're a little embaressed. Till now only the doctors and nurses came near your injury. You want to grab another shirt, slip into it and hide as soon as possible.
You're startled by Kangin speaking up.
"can I touch you?"
A few seconds pass and you slowly nod your head.
Then you can feel his hand. It's a bit cold and shivers run down your spine. Oh, how you missed his touch.
His hand slowly glides over your injury down your back. You can feel his hand trembling. Tears dwell up in your eyes, but you won't let them fall. Your eyes open wide as you're suddenly turned around and find yourself in a tight embrace. You look up to see tears streaming down Kangins face. The last trigger to make you cry as well.
He whispers in a croaked voice:
"Jungsu, I'm so endless happy and glad, I thank heaven for giving you back to me! I missed you so much! I love you!"


As I am rather new to Live Journal and I am really sleepy right now, I'm not sure what to write about. 

I think a short summary of my interests?

It's kinda chaotic, but there are just too many and they are expanding daily...

Music: Gackt, Malice Mizer, X-Japan, Hyde, Miyavi, Alice Nine, SKIN,... Super Junior, DBSK, Shinhwa, H.O.T, G.O.D,... Kato Kazuki, Kimeru,... many more! 

Movies and Shows:
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